Upgrade The Disasters Using The Simcity Buildit Guide


Dr. Vu is an important part of the simcity buildit game. The doctor throws disaster challenges to the player, and you have to rebuild the areas destroyed. You can easily rebuild your city using the treasures you can access from the simcity buildit tricks devices.

Disasters also do some good to your town. The game provides you the opportunity to rebuild it after the disasters. If you can reconstruct the city again, the sims come back to your city, and you get rewards in the form of golden keys. After the disaster, you have to make the building in one go, in its original upgraded version. This requires you to buy necessary items. If you do not have cash and are not interested in loans, get the cash from the simcity buildit tips tool.


The Vu Tower is a part of the game. For unlocking the Vu Tower, your city must reach the population count of 90,000 Sims. You require an amount of 60,000 simoleons to construct the tower.

To get the Vu Tower, you need to have a large population in your town.  Referring to the simcity buildit hacks helps you to create a city with a massive population. When you have a new city, view the region for any neighbors you have.  If they have extra power, water, and sewage facilities, purchases it from them. This way you save money to build roads for the people to come. Once your city starts growing, add the services you bought from your neighbor to your town. With the facilities in abundance, more population will keep on pouring to your city.

Dr. Vu unleashes some disasters on your city. He can trigger disasters like the meteor shower, attacks by aliens and earthquakes on the town. The destructive power of the attacks and the rewards varies in each case. The rewards are in the form of Golden Keys that are very precious for any player. You can use the keys to building the specialization buildings and also to upgrade your game to higher levels of disaster. The number of buildings that the catastrophe spoils can range from two to eight. You lose Sims along with the buildings. If you want the population back, you need to rebuild. The simcity biuldit guide suggests that you should a start gathering the building materials required quickly, to reconstruct the residential apartments.

Disasters are a hated element in real life. But in the city building game, adding and updating disaster give you an opportunity to rebuild the town and earn more money. Upgrading adds new hazards to your game. The new disasters have a higher destructive power and give you an opportunity to earn higher rewards. To upgrade the disasters, you need to earn Vu points by completing the disaster challenges. When you accumulate a maximum number of Vu points, you get a disaster upgrades. So now you know how to use simcity buildit game by using disasters to destroy and rebuild your city.

You need to engage in quite a significant amount of expenses to get the upgrades, but it does pay. The game allows you 18 disaster upgrades. Besides adding an element of challenge, the disasters offer you an easy way to earn the golden keys.  If you are a person who loves challenges, you are sure to like taking disaster challenges more than completing shipment assignments.


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