Lil Wayne Vs. Oreos?

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Lil Wayne Versus Oreos

Lil Wayne has started a war with america’s favorite cookie company, Oreos. Oreos announced their plan to set a Guinness world record for “likes” to a facebook post within 24 Hours. ┬áThe cookie achieved a staggering 114,619 likes. Four Hours into Oreo’s campaign Lil Wayne started a record breaking post of his own. With his fan base of near 20 million people it didn’t take long for the rapper to surpass the mark set by Oreos. Though Oreo’s cookies far outsell Lil Wayne Concert Tickets, Lil Wayne seems to have the upper hand in the battle for “likes.” I don’t expect the cookie company to crumble in the face of a “Lil” competition. Perhaps the two sides can work on some type of collaborative ad campaign for the upcoming Lil Wayne Concert Tour “I am Music.” If that doesn’t jive as a solution for the two sides, I’m sure Oreos can tap its super star endorsers for some additional help in setting the bar too high for even Lil Wayne to topple. The Manning brothers and other Members of the DSRL‘s fan base alone could destroy Lil Wayne’s record. If we add the rest of Oreo’s celebrity sponsors like Donald Trump and the Williams sisters to the mix, Lil Wayne doesn’t stand a chance. Now we all know how superstars like Lil Wayne spend their days while preparing for their concert tours.

  1. weezy fan
    weezy fan02-16-2011

    hahaha lmfao, cookie company crumbles in the face of a lil competition priceless…

  2. Jesse Banks
    Jesse Banks02-16-2011

    YEEEEAAAAAA BOOOIIIII do da dam thang, you crushed Oreos cause there aint no such thing as half way cookies.