Lady Gaga Tickets Continue to Sell Out

Lady Gaga Sold Out

Monster Ball Tour Dates

Lady Gaga Tickets have got to be just about the hottest concert tickets we have ever seen.  Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour is insanely popular. Kids and adults of all ages are buying out Monster Ball Tour tickets buy the hundreds of thousands at the average ticket price of $350. Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars! That is insane price to pay for a concert ticket, even if, it is Lady Gaga. In recent memory I can’t think of any other artist selling as wildly as the Monster herself Lady Gaga. The unbelievable demand I encounter for her concert tickets on a daily basis is astounding.

What make Lady Gaga concerts so great? Why is there all this demand for the Monster Ball Tour? I can tell you I personally attended the Monster Ball Tour last year in Philadelphia. I purchased a pair of tickets at face value for $225 each. Which I thought was ludicrous! I have worked in the ticket industry for several years and I have a number of proprietary techniques for finding a ridiculously cheap ticket to almost any event. This was unquestionably the most I had ever spent on a concert ticket. I didn’t even purchase the ticket from the secondary market or a ticket broker. I purchased it directly through Ticketmaster at face value.

I know some of you may be asking yourself, why would you go to the Monster Ball Tour then? Well the truth is the girl I was seeing at the time wanted to go so I was obligated to take her.

The event was in Philadelphia, a full 3 hour drive from our house. Why three hours away? Because Lady Gaga concert tickets are so insanely popular I couldn’t get anything reasonable for the NY Monster Ball Tour Dates.  What I discovered when we arrived at the Monster Ball, was far beyond my expectations. The concert was like a festival. From the moment I arrived there were: colorful characters, tents, crazies, trannies, freaks, sluts, people on stilts and other types of strange carnie folk. There was something to see everywhere! At first I felt a bit uncomfortable, I consider myself to be a rather conservative personality type. The sheer overwhelming amount of unusual appearances immediately put me on my guard. Though after a few minutes when I realized that my date was enjoying the atmosphere I decided to “loosen up” and soak in the surroundings. Curious about this festival environment I took an opportunity to make a lap around the perimeter of the arena during my dates bathroom break. As the innocent chaperone taking my date to enjoy a Lady Gaga concert I have to say even before the show started I was impressed with the sites. Fellas’ if you have to take your girl to a Lady Gaga concert its not all that bad, just don’t get caught looking at all the scantily clad women, and especially not the scantily clad men. About an hour after arriving we got to our seats, which were very close to the stage (and for $225 each they ought to be) I have to admit Lady Gaga’s Performance was pretty electric, she held the crowd and didn’t sound all to bad singing live. The show was absolutely entertaining and I even found myself dancing along to some of the more popular Lady Gaga songs like poker face, just dance, telephone, love game and paparazzi. Overall I would have to rate my experience at the Monster Ball Tour as a positive one. I certainly would consider going again if Lady Gaga Ticket Prices ever come down. The Monster Ball Tour continues to sell out every venue it stops into.